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Dear Gail,

I own three of your lottery books, which I love, but I had never gone to your website until today. I am fascinated by the stories of your travel adventures. I was wondering if you ever plan to write a book based on your travels and was also wondering whatever became of the monkey you adopted?

Best Wishes,
Angie Jones

Dear Angie,

Thank your for your kind words and your interest in my travel adventures. Yes, I did write a book about my travels, but it is a deeply personal book, too revealing for me to publish at this time. I held nothing back. I'll have it published when I am no longer in the lottery business. This page from my book answers your question about what became of my little monkey while I was in Peru:

"Alberto and I spent Sunday at his hacienda. I brought Chichico with us so the little guy could have a lark in the garden. Every 15 minutes I went out to check on him. Chichico was having a wonderful time, scampering about, delighting in his freedom.

The last time I went out to see how he was doing, I found Chichico in convulsions, his body shuddering. His mouth was open, the roof and tongue gray, and saliva was running down the side of his mouth. Dirt was around and in his mouth from picking bugs out of the dirt and eating them.

I ran in for water and spooned it into his mouth. He revived slightly for a minute or so. Then, with a snap, his little life ended. Crying uncontrollably, I continued to caress him. I rubbed his heart, anything to bring him back to me. I could not believe he was dead.

Alberto said he must have eaten a scorpion. Mateo, the majordomo, dug a small hole in the garden, laid Chichico in and buried him. When I saw Chichico being covered with dirt, I cried hysterically. I stuck an hibiscus flower on the grave. Alberto crossed himself.

It was strange how Chichico died. I had checked on him only 15 minutes before and he was his usual frisky self. Suddenly, he was dead. It was my fault. It was not meant for me to keep him longer, but even knowing that, I could not bear to part with Chichico.

Just the evening before, Mateo had told me he would take him. I should have given Chichico to him then. When you don’t take care of things at the time you should, they are often taken care of for you – by Fate – but in a less gentle way."

Thanks for asking, Angie.

Dear Gail,

That's so sad, but I am glad I found out what happened. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am planning to start using your lottery wheels this weekend and will let you know as soon I win a jackpot.

Take care,
Ecuador Jungle flowers
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