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Gail Howard traveled the world throughout her 20's and early 30's. During the years 1957 through 1968, Gail Howard explored the world's most remote corners as well as the fleshpots of major cities.

Gail Howard's 12-year sojourn in 130 countries occurred before the Americanization of the world's culture through television. Travel today is less unique, less personal, more commercial. For the most part, the world Gail Howard traveled has vanished. For that reason, her stories should be told.

Gail Howard had a great curiosity about the world and its people. Faraway places beckoned to her with new and different interests to pursue, exotic music to enjoy, new languages to learn and intriguing strangers to befriend. Gail Howard delighted in immersing herself in foreign cultures, eating exotic local fare, and being a dedicated traveler, seeing all the major sights.

Fortunately, her family kept many of the letters Gail Howard sent home during her travels, and the narrative on Gail Howard's travel adventures web sites is taken directly from those letters. The photos used are those that survived heat, humidity and mold as best they could in storage for 24 years.

After 12 years of travel, Gail Howard returned to the USA, settled down, became a stockbroker and was married for eight years, no children.

During the silver boom of the late 1970's, Gail Howard enjoyed a fast ride as a commodity futures trader and was a licensed Commodity Trading Advisor.

In 1982, Gail Howard experimented with technical analysis on the New York lotto numbers and made a startling discovery for selecting winning lotto numbers. To read the complete story of how she did that, click on Gail Howard Interviewed.

Since then, Gail Howard has authored several lottery books and has a line of lotto software as well. Five of her books are currently in print in English, including Gail Howard's best selling book, Lottery Master Guide.

Foreign language editions of Gail Howard's books are sold worldwide in Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Korean, Japanese, Mao Chinese (sold in China), and traditional Chinese (sold in Taiwan).

Gail Howard's lottery web site is: Lottery Software and Books from Smart Luck.

Gail Howard is setting up web sites with photos and stories of her travel adventures in 130 countries. So far, Gail Howard has ten of them up - with only 120 to go!,,,,,,,, and

Lottery Master Guide book by Gail Howard

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