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     Gail's Adventure Story EPILOGUE about Jane Dolinger

Ecuador Pictures
     Gail Howard with Inca Treasure
     Gail Howard with Tsachila Indian Mother, baby and Antonetta
     Gail Howard with El Brujo, the witch doctor
     El Brujo, the witch doctor
     Antonetta gets her way, seen here dressing Terry
     Terry with El Brujo, the witch doctor
     Ken Krippene and Jane Dolinger
     Gail Howard, Jane Dolinger, and Terry
     Terry and Chichico
     Chichico looking ferocious
     Chichico in his basket next to an orange
     Chicicho with his long plumey tail
     Chichico speaking vociferously to Gail
     Chichico giving love bites to Gail's nose
     Chichico enjoys getting his hair combed
     Gail Howard at the Ecuadorian Equator
     Gail Howard wearing artifacts from Ecuadorian jungle
     Gail Howard, Ken Krippene, Terry Howard, Jane Dolinger
     Terry, as subject of a Jane Dolinger/Ken Krippene newspaper story, Page 1
     Terry, as subject of a Jane Dolinger/Ken Krippene newspaper story, Page 2
     Terry sweeping the ground in front of 'her' hut for Jane Dolinger's articler
     Terry carrying water in a jug for Jane Dolinger's article
     Terry meditating for Jane Dolinger's article

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